January 6th 2016: New books and manuals received

Several books and manuals were added in the library today: s curtissaviationbook
The Curtiss Aviation Book by Glenn H Curtiss and Augustus Post, 1912

s pnmaster2AP 1669B Pilot's Notes for Master II, 1944

s p-82eAN 01-60JJA-2 Erection and Maintenance Instructions for P-82E Airplane, 1947

s p-80AN 01-75FJA-4 Parts catalog for the P-80 and FP80A , 1947

s ov-10aT.O. 1L-10A-1 Flight Manual OV-10A, 1971

s j42J-42 P4 Turbojet engine service instructions, 1949 - The J-42 was the RR Nene built by P&W.

s b-29Pilot's standing operating Procedures for the B-29 Superfortress, 1949

s f2hAN 01-245FB-3 Handbook of Structural Repair F2H Banshee, 1952
 This book complete our manuals serie regarding this particular aircraft.

s toexplanationAn explanation of Technical Orders, 1946





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