The Demoiselle project

In 1911, Santos Dumont, one of the more prominent aviation pioneer, released the Demoiselle design and allowed anybody to build it free of charge. Drawings were published in the June 1911 edition of Popular Mechanics.
The complete series included seven drawings, only six were published within the magazine. A special set of seven large-format blueprints was made available to order. The author said: "This machine is better than any other which has ever been built, for those who wish to reach results with the least possible expense and with a minimum of experimenting.”

I have a passion for antique aviation and I am the lucky owner of one of these original blueprints. After working six months on the DC-3, I have decided to start a new project: To build a Demoiselle, based on the original plan and instructions, using only tools and materials available in 1911. References will be only pre WWI books.

This project will fulfill several goals, personal and educational. The whole construction process and planning will be documented online. It will also validate the ability for me and my family to work together before starting a larger endeavor. 

Stay tuned for regular updates!

Benoit de Mulder - July 2019




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