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Merry Christmas to all Avialogs readers and notably to all subscribers ! 
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2016-11-12 Library last acquisitions

Last acquisitions done at the library were dedicated to French aviation from the 30' and 20's

1928 - Notice Avion Caudron Type 59 E.T.2 

IMG 96851924 - Notice technique avion Nieuport type 29.C1

IMG 96861919 - Notice Technique Avion Farman Goliath Type F.60 Bn.2

IMG 96871929 - Notice Technique Hispano Suiza Type 9V

IMG 9688

IMG 9689

IMG 9690

IMG 9691

IMG 9692

IMG 9693

New version of Avialogs coming soon

A new version of the website will be soon online, around September 15th.

In the meantime, no new documents will be added to the site. All subscriptions will be extended to reflect the pause as soon the new version is online.

- Before August 12th : A new server will be setup, the change should be transparent for all users. The current server is online since more than 4 years now and newer hardware will be used. 

- September 1st: A call for beta tester will be launched. 
- September 15th: New version will be made public.

What's new ? 

- Better compability with tablets and mobile devices
- More articles, photos and movies
- Better account management
- Performance improvement

If you have suggestions, feel free to contact me at benoit at

Benoit de Mulder -


New version of Avialogs delayed

The new version of Avialogs is delayed approximately by 2 months. Some severe health issue force me to pause the development. In the meantime, new documents will be posted and as advertised all yearly subscriptions done since August 1st 2016 will be extended for 2 years. Answers to support email can also be delayed.

To register on Avialogs:

One screenshot of the new version, more light, responsive and optimized for tablets. 


Some search results:


Sorry for this unexpected delay, and thank you again for your support to this project. 

Benoit de Mulder



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