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New version of Avialogs delayed

The new version of Avialogs is delayed approximately by 2 months. Some severe health issue force me to pause the development. In the meantime, new documents will be posted and as advertised all yearly subscriptions done since August 1st 2016 will be extended for 2 years. Answers to support email can also be delayed.

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Sorry for this unexpected delay, and thank you again for your support to this project. 

Benoit de Mulder

New version of Avialogs coming soon

A new version of the website will be soon online, around September 15th.

In the meantime, no new documents will be added to the site. All subscriptions will be extended to reflect the pause as soon the new version is online.

- Before August 12th : A new server will be setup, the change should be transparent for all users. The current server is online since more than 4 years now and newer hardware will be used. 

- September 1st: A call for beta tester will be launched. 
- September 15th: New version will be made public.

What's new ? 

- Better compability with tablets and mobile devices
- More articles, photos and movies
- Better account management
- Performance improvement

If you have suggestions, feel free to contact me at benoit at

Benoit de Mulder -


April 10th: New books and manuals

During February only a few books were added to the Avialogs Library. March marks a change with more than 24 books, manuals and magazines added. Not featured here, several Jane's All the world Aircraft and Aviation year books from the 30's and 40's and several years of Aerial Age and Aero Digest magazines.

Liberator Pilot's NotesOriginal Liberator Pilot's Notes - 1944

Spitfire 22 Pilot's NotesSpitfire 22 & 24 Pilot's notes

compendiumA compendium of Aviation and Aerostation - 1910 - A small book describing all progress related to aviation

Training notes Flight mechanics1944 RAF Standard technical training notes - Flight Mechanics

 IMG 92951928 - Gloster Survey brochure

Gloster Machines in RAF display1928 - Gloster machines in RAF Displays

Année Aéronautique1920 - L'année aéronautique 1919-1920

Maine Aéro Rendezvous1937 - Official Program Maine Aero Rendez Vous

Chicago Aeronautical Exposition 19281928 - Official Program Chicago International Aeronautical Exposition 

B-50D - Operating Procedures1952 - Standing Operating Procedures for B-50D

IMG 93021951 - Handbook structural repair instructions L-19A

IMG 93041943 - Boeing B-17E Parts Catalog

IMG 9306Proteus 705 Engine Maintenance Manual

 IMG 9307Amphibian: The story of Loening biplanes , signed by Loening

Air Service Medical - 19191919 - Air Service Medical

IMG 93121920 Curtiss C6 Aircraft Engine Handbook

IMG 9313Aero Engineer Data sheets - complete set (circa 1937)

IMG 93151942 Handbook of service instructions B-24C & D

June 11th - New books and manuals

Several books, brochures and manuals have been added to the collection during the last month. Some of them are already scanned, some will be during the next days.Northrop brochure1949 Northrop brochure

Spitfire MKIX manualEarly Spitfire MK IX Manual - already scanned and available on the site

IMG 93901945 C-64A Noorduynn Norseman Flight Manual - Already scanned
Parts Catalog, Maintenance and repair manuals will follow soon.

American Fighter Aces Album

IMG 9395

IMG 9393

1996 American Fighter Aces Album, short biographies for all American fighter aces - signed by 55 of them. 
Will not be scanned - (reference for research)

1944 TBM 3 Avenger Erection and Maintenance Manual - Parts catalog will follow soon

F-86D Sabre 1953 North American F-86D Sabre Flight Manual 

IMG 9399Percival Prentice Pilot's Notes - Several Percival Borchure have been added too. 




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