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February 23rd: New books and manuals received

Not many books added to the library this month, but several found which will be added during March. New additions this month are:

Volksbücher Der Technik Flugzeuge
Volksbücher der Technik. Nr. 63.Flugzeuge. Oberleutnant Paul Neumann, 1910, 34 pages, 47 photos focusing on early aviation

Aerial NavigationAërial Navigation by A.F. Zahm, 1911, First Edition
A book portraying in popular terms the progress of aeronautics form its earliest beginning to the early 20th century with chapters on the history of balloons, growth of aviation, aeronautic meteorology with appendices on the Stress in a Vacuum Balloon, Aeronautic Letters of Benjamin Franklin, Successful Militray Dirigible Balloons, The Relations of Weight, Speed, and Power of Flyers, and Curtiss' Hydro-Aeroplane Experiments. Numerous illustrations include photographs, drawings, diagrams, and charts.

Air UnionBy Air, Air Union 1924. Brochure given to passengers flying the Croydon-Paris Line

Early Corsair manual
Pilots flight operating Instructions Model F4U1, F3A-1, FG-1 Airplanes
Early F4U Corsair Handbook, 1944

January 31th 2016: New books and manuals received

We added several books and manuals to our shelves, mainly RAF engines manuals.

RiggingAP 1107 - A manual for rigging aircraft - 1925

IMG 8247sAP 1278 - 1927 - Jupiter Series VI Aero Engines

IMG 8248sAP 1394  - 1930 - Bristol Jupiter Series VII 

IMG 8249s
AP1451C - 1934 - Pegasus II M.3 Aero Engine

IMG 8250sAlvis Straussler Bomb Loading trailer - This trailer was used with the Avro Lancaster

IMG 8251s1957 - AD5W Skyraider Flight Manual

IMG 8253s1929 - Cirrus Aircraft Engine Specifications and diagrams

January 6th 2016: New books and manuals received

Several books and manuals were added in the library today: s curtissaviationbook
The Curtiss Aviation Book by Glenn H Curtiss and Augustus Post, 1912

s pnmaster2AP 1669B Pilot's Notes for Master II, 1944

s p-82eAN 01-60JJA-2 Erection and Maintenance Instructions for P-82E Airplane, 1947

s p-80AN 01-75FJA-4 Parts catalog for the P-80 and FP80A , 1947

s ov-10aT.O. 1L-10A-1 Flight Manual OV-10A, 1971

s j42J-42 P4 Turbojet engine service instructions, 1949 - The J-42 was the RR Nene built by P&W.

s b-29Pilot's standing operating Procedures for the B-29 Superfortress, 1949

s f2hAN 01-245FB-3 Handbook of Structural Repair F2H Banshee, 1952
 This book complete our manuals serie regarding this particular aircraft.

s toexplanationAn explanation of Technical Orders, 1946



January 19th 2016: New books and manuals received

We added several books and manuals to our shelves this week:F-100F Flight Manual
1961 F-100F USAF Flight Manual (including performance data)

B-261958 B-26B & C Flight manual

IMG 8242s1944 B-29 Training manual



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