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Happy new year !

Happy new year 2016 !

First, to all avialogs visitors and users, I would like to wish an happy new year 2016. 2016 should be a year of transformation for Avialogs with the launch of a new version, (in development, part time since 6 months),  the opening of a market place dedicated to Aviation and a lot of new documents online, not only manuals but photos archives and movies too. This blog section will be updated now on a regular basis with news about new documents added to the collection and to the site.

The year finished with a good surprise, the acquisition of several Dewoitine D12.C1 views, all hand signed by Emile Dewoitine himself.  I was not aware of the signature before receiving the prints.dewoit1-xs


Benoit de Mulder -

New server for

Avialogs web site has been moved to a new server. From a technical perspective, Avialogs is now running on Nginx instead of apache and using Cloudfront CDN to serve static content. Server is now located in Canada (hosted by OVH Canada) . During the transition, several glitches can be present on the site, we are working hard to fix them quickly.


A book scanner for Avialogs

book scanner

For 6 months we have been trying to finance a specialised scanner from subscriptions to Avialogs.  Unfortunately, this strategy hasn't enabled us to collect sufficient funds.

The number of books we have that are unsuitable for scanning via flatbed scanner, because they are too old and fragile or too thick, continues to grow rapidly.  There were more than 60 at the start of the February.

Most of these are not available in a digitised version or at least not freely.  You can consult the list here, which we shall keep up to date.

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Thank you !

Thank you!

 A big thanks to all those to contributed towards the scanner.  The first elements have been ordered, and it should be complete in the next 20 to 30 days.


The winner of the 1944 Pilot Information File is Mr. Patrice Fonta, from France.

Over the next few months Avialogs is going to add three more objectives to its existing aeronautical library function. 


·        To become a historic aviation documentation clearing house for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

·        To add back the human dimension and identity to the stories of those famous, or less so, pilots, engineers, industrialists and mechanics who made aviation history.

Soon, everybody may directly help to establish this database to preserve the memory of those that allow us to live our passion today

·        Continue acquiring aeronautical documents

 These changes will lead to an increase in the operating costs of Avialogs which will remain a non-profit organisation.


Whilst the subscriptions cover the cost of the server and bandwidth, the acquisition of documents and their conservation is achieved beyond this core budget

 Thus, we are looking for aviation focussed sponsors interested in establishing a presence on Avialogs.  Contact me directly for more details.

Benoit de Mulder - Avialogs



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