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70 years ago, RAF 105th Squadron silences Goering

105 Squadron Mosquito and crew WWII IWM CH 15100On the morning of January 31 1943, Reynolds and Sismore led a small force of Mosquitos on the RAF’s first daylight bombing attack on Berlin, a round trip of 1,100 miles. The bombers were ordered to arrive at exactly 11am, when Goering and Goebbels were due to address a rally commemorating the 10th anniversary celebrations of Hitler’s regime.

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Collection Philippe Veys

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In August 2011, the collection Philippe Veys was given to the Brussels Air Museum Funds to be preserved digitally and put at the disposal of the aviation researchers. Most of them are rare sales brochures from the 30's, in French and German language.

Philippe Veys collaborated with many newspapers before World War 2 and collected documents about aviation. The Belgian Aviation History Library was selected for her capability to convert great quantities of paper to digital archives permitting easy access and the diffusion of this collection, the result of many years of hard labour of an Aviation Enthusiast.

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3 years for Avialogs

2013, three years already for Avialogs.

Our new website is already on-line and will be further updated in the following months.
There are still a few bugs and section headings to perfect, but all the contents are available. 6,500 documents and a thousand photos.

Whilst the work is done by three volunteers, the server hosting (1 main, 1 backup and 2 TB of hard disk space) isn't free.  A document scanner is also planned but cannot be acquired without funds (comprising two digital cameras and remote control software).  Purchasing new documents is also expensive and is currently done with personal funds.

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First Spitfire excavated in Burma !

Exclusive: photo of the first Spitfire to be uncovered by archaeologists in Burma.

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