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Looking back: 2012

The year is almost finished and it is the time to do a pause and to look at what has been done. Avialogs exists now since 2 years and as not for profit organization since 6 months now.

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August 14th - Content organization

Avialogs library is growing. In addition to books and manual, a photo archive library is constituted. One rising question is how to organize this content. Right now, an approach based on individual items has been privileged. One downside of this methodology is to not expose all content related to one topic and keep some item unknown.

Example: Wilson Airways

Content displayed are aircraft pictures and posters. But with an encyclopedia approach we could have added content about the airline history, linked ads related to de Havilland, flight manual for the Dragon Rapide and other information related to Airlines in Africa during the 30's. 

We would like to have your opinion about how Avialogs should structure content. Should we add "encyclopedia" approach or keep it only as a library of content ?

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Vintage Wings of Canada - September 16th 2012

A few photos I have done at the Vintage Wings of Canada Air Show in Gatineau, QC, Canada. The Lancaster was grounded on Sunday (engine problem on number 4) but a rare firefly was displayed in flight. 

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