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August 6th 2012 - What's next ?


As you know perhaps, Avialogs is a one man show... I have several projects for the site but I am limited by time and need feedback from you to know what you want to see on the site. 

There are several things that need to be done in parallel with the regular updates on the site and on the facebook page. Please vote  for what you want to see done first and feel free to comment below.


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July 10th - Bookscanner and other projects

Some news about Avialogs... It is about 2 months and half that the new version of Avialogs is online.

Books information continues to be updated and several projects are started:

- On short term: The file upload is still not ready, priority is to finalize this functionality. Right now, you can upload a file, but it requires a manual process from my side to be added to the site. It should be automated within July. Other functionality added will be full screen view for books

- On a 3 months perspective, I have started the built of a bookscanner, based on the design of . I modify the orginal design in order to make it transportable easely. On the site, I plan to have better mobile devices support. (Iphone/Ipad app to start).

- On a more long term perspective, I want to start an aircraft restoration next year. A project is already planned, I need now to find other people interested and ready to participate actively (around Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Feel free to share your comments about Avialogs !


New Engines section and more to come

A new engines section has been added to the site with 320 documents. 

All documents are currently updated with proper title, around 50 per day.

Next sections to be added are : Newspaper, Research, Military Manuals and finally other books that did not fit in these categories.

You can add your own documents to Avialogs, just upload them trough the "add documents' link in the user menu (you must be loggued in).

Work continues to be done in categories, in order to add them with right thumbnail and formatting. 

Please go to the forum and send me your feedback (good or bad) about the site.


Some news...May 23th

Daily work continues to be done on Avialogs:

- Updating title (from todo to the right information)
- New sections are added (photos, ads, newspapers..)
- Code is started to process documents

I tried a solution based on off the shelf software but it is not convincing and several users reported problems. I start a new version from Scratch that will be completed within 45 days. You can continue to uploads files, but they will be processed within one week.

About the new model of subscription:

Thank you ! We have collected in one month enough money to support the server during the next three months.  A particular thanks to users from Poland and Australia, they are the more generous.

Avialogs can exist only with your help, so for less than 1.20$ per month, please register or upgrade your subscription. Extra money will allow us to pay one developer and to add new content and features more fast.




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