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Avialogs: The technical side

Avialogs is running on 2 dedicated linux servers hosted by OVH

One server is hosting the database and the content, the second one is used for online books processing and backup.

The site is using the Joomla content management system with a few components, some heavily modified to support Avialogs.

Online document viewer is provided by the document viewer of the document cloud initiative.

As Avialogs is launching, feel free to open a bug report if you find issues on the site.

Avialogs budget

As Avialogs is requesting now a paid subscription, this message has for goal to clarify why:

- There is no advertising on Avialogs. 
- We do not share or distribute your data to third parties.

Avialogs reccuring costs are:

- 2 servers, one for production, one for backup and dev,  2400$/year
- Software support: We use opensource software but we pay for support, 600$/year
- Incorporation as not for profit organisation and related cost (bank fees, etc): 1000$ 

Right now, I do all development, sysadmin as no cost but I am reaching my limit of competencies and availability to add new functionalities.

Around 12000$ will be required for a part time developer to make the site evolve. 

As you can read, the budget required is around 16000$/year with a minimum of 4000$ to cover operating costs for the first year.

Feel free to comment or to send suggestions.


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Avialogs finally online is back online. As you have probably noticed, a few things have changed:

- Avialogs is now a not for profit organization. It should allow to give more visbility to the project and to be able to access more sources of informations.
- Around 15000 documents are now online. A majority of them has been not yet correctly named. It will be done trough the time
- A registration fee of 14$ per year is requested if you want to access all downloads. It should help to maintain the site and allow us to grow.

The goal is to cover servers fees and if we can, acquire new content and hire a part time developer to add new functionalities to the site.





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