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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 06:58

100 years old unpublished Deperdussin photos found at garage sale..


I love garage sales. If you hunt carefully can always find something interesting, rare and forgotten. Ebay and online classifieds are sometime the same. Some offers are lots and you don't know what you will find inside.. A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a lot of broken photographic glass plates. 10 to be exact. 4 broken, 6 intacts.  

When I looked at them, I could not believe it. It was unpublished before, unknown to my knowledge photos from Deperdussin. These photos were not stored carefully, I tried to scan them the best I can .. So 103 or 104 years after, here are 9 pictures from the beginning of aviation. 

If someone can help to identify people pictured, it will be great. I believe they are from 1910 and done at Chambry airport were the Deperdussin-de Feure flew for the first time. 

These photos are distributed under creative commons. They can be distrubuted and used for no commercial projects and source ( must be given.

deperdussin 1w


The first two pictures are a the Deperdussin-de feure canard aircraft. This aircraft flew briefly in 1910. 

The monoplane wing was braced with a forest of heavy struts. 2 propellers mounted coaxially were driven through a long shaft from a centrally-mounted water-cooled 4-cylinder inline engine, the forward end of which was covered with a curved screened hood. A small forward all-flying tail surface and forward rudder brought up the front end; the pilot sat in the extreme rear with a large control wheel. The machine was set on an awkward-looking 4-wheeled undercarriage.
Another de Feure-Deperdussin was hung from the ceiling of a Paris department store, and may have been only a big model. The pilot in this one sat on top, a la Antoinette, with control wheels on either side; the propeller was immediately behind him, with a high streamlined cowl in front. The wing was of broad chord cut out for the coaxial propeller.

deperdussin 3w

The second serie of pictures depicts flight trial  for the Deperdussin monoplane, type A. two seaters version. I am not sure about the type of engine used on this one, it seems larger than the Anzani generally used on the type. 

deperdussin 2w

deperdussin 5w

deperdussin 6w

deperdussin 7w

deperdussin 8w

deperdussin 4w

deperdussin 9w




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