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Thursday, 06 August 2015 20:06

Exploring Avialogs collection: Early airplanes engines

Early aviation engines are a fabulous topic to explore. From rotary, to early liquid cooled inline configurations, these designs were defining technologies and powered progresses in flight.

More and more documents are added to the Avialogs library and on the site, thanks to users who shared their collection. Not all documents are yet scanned, mainly as original are extremely fragile and I am looking for solutions how to scan them without damage.

The best source of information about early aero engines is the Airplane Engine Encyclopedia written by Glenn D. Angle and published in 1921. One first edition copy of this rare book is in our collection. Glenn D. Angle was an aeronautical engineer and with the Rickenbacker motor company designed an aviation engine. Patents were later purchased by the Leblond engine company and by Audi (DKW) in Germany.

Airplane engine encyclopedia

Google scanned a copy from the Michigan University and this is this scan which is available on Avialogs (free of charge - other manuals on this page requires subscription). You can see it and download it here:

Using raw scan supplied by we produced another version of the Liberty 12 Cylinder Engine manual (High resolution). 

Jean-Claude Beernaert shared with Avialogs several manuals of his collection, among them:

- Renault 170 CV 8 cylindres
 Instructions sur le montage et le réglage des Moteurs Le Rhone type C 80HP et Type J 110HP

The oldest engine notice we have is from 1913 and dedicated to the V8 Renault engine and published by HMSO. This engine was used on early aeroplanes and dirigibles.

Renault V8

IMG 8275s

This document is scanned and available online:

Other documents we own are early technical notices. Air Board Technical Notes comes in two volumes, one dedicated to aircraft rigging and the second one to airplane engine maintenance. This manual is a composite of several engines technical notes, and you can find some differences between copies.

IMG 8276s

IMG 8277s

The following engines are covered:

Hispano Suiza engine were widely used and produced during the first world by several factories. One of them was LeFlaive & cie in St Etienne, France. Document is not yet scanned.

IMG 8279s

As new notices and manuals are added to Avialogs collection on a regular basis, updates will be posted frequently.

Benoit de Mulder 




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