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Stinson 10 c/n 7816

The project

Following personal issues, this aircraft is for sale - Contact us for inquiry.

Avialogs exists since 4 years now. We have built the largest online aviation library and now we move to the next phase of our goals: To preserve our aviation heritage. We have done the acquisition of a Stinson 10a, a light aircraft used for air patrol during the second world war.  Our goal is to restore her to airworthy condition.  

The aircraft require a complete restoration. This first phase of financing is targeting to raise enough money to restore the fuselage. 

To support us:

The aircraft

Our Stinson is a model 10a, built in Consolidated factory in April 1941,  serial 7816, initially registered NC31567. 


Two man crews of the Civil Air Corps flew the Voyagers along the eastern U.S. coast.  They patrolled for German U-boats and ran search and rescue missions for survivors of allied merchant ships torpedoed by the Nazi submarines.

CAP's coastal patrol flew 24 million miles, found 173 U-boats, attacked 57 of them with 83 bombs and depth charges, hit 10 and sank two.  The Civil Air Patrol lost 26 men and 90 airplanes.

Referred to as "little yellow bees" by U-boat commanders, the Voyagers originally flew unarmed.  But they were soon authorized to carry a single 100-pound bomb after a U-boat that was spotted by a CAP crew - and stuck on a sandbar - got away before the U.S. military arrived.





The project is to restore the aircraft to air worthy condition within the next 4 years. This first round of financing targets the fuselage restoration. 
Fuselage must be sandblasted, a few tubes replaced (corrosion) and primed. 

You money will help the project to progress more fast. 

Thank you for your support.



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