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To be scanned - June 2014

The following manuals and documents will be scanned during June 2014. 

Operation Maintenance and Overhaul Handbook for Allison V-1710 F Type Engines - Volume I and II
Two of these engines were mounted on the P-38 Lightning. These manuals includes several real photos of the Lightning.

Messerchmitt BF-109B - Entwurf eines Flugzeughandbuches - 1937
Operating and maintenance manual for the first combat version of the 109. 

Canadair CL-41T Preliminary Design report
Canadair report from 1965 regarding the close ground support version of the CL-41 Tutor

Canadair VTOL CL-84 brochure
An original commercial brochure about the CL-84, one of the first convertible aircraft

USAF Flight Manual F-104B Starfighter
1958 early Flight manual. T.O. 1F-104B-1

RCAF Albatross Pilot training Manual
complete manual - No date, circa 1960

Pilot's Notes for Dakota I & III
1944, RAF Pilot's Notes for the C-47A

Kollsman Instrument Handbook
1942 manual for Kollsman aircraft instrument (air speed, altimeter, etc)

1913 Renault V8 80HP Engine 
A very rare notice for an early aircraft engine

Warner Scarab Aircraft Engine Handbook
1929 First Edition

Armstrong Siddeley Aircraft Engines Tiger VI Instruction Book
1934 manual

CL-44 Yukon Pilot Training Manual 
Two manuals from the early 60's - Electrical and communications



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