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Warbird News is online news resource dedicated to Warbirds, Aviation Museums and the many enthusiasts who wish to know more about them. The goal of the site is to provide fresh daily news content for a large community of aviation fans who visit our pages regularly.


Arctic P-38 Lightning Mission Recovery Keeps Going

By Austin Hancock In 2014, we reported on Ken McBride’s mission to continue recovery of the “Lost Squadron” of P-38s, in Greenland (click HERE). Today, we are just as excited as he is to bring you an update to said report. When we last checked in with the mission, Ken was seeking volunteers for a summer 2014 Greenland expedition, with[Read More...]...

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The World’s Oldest Flying PBY Catalina

By Gert Jan Mentink – Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble The PBY Catalina is one of the most recognizable warbirds in the world and although not exactly common, there are still a number of them being flown worldwide. Surprisingly, the world’s oldest flying PBY Catalina cannot be found in the USA or Canada, but rather in the Netherlands, where...

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JAM to Honor Voodoo’s Last Flight Anniversary

By Austin Hancock London, Ontario – The Canada based Jet Aircraft Museum plans to “keep doing that Voodoo that they do, so well.” To be exact, the JAM will host an event to commemorate 30 years since the iconic McDonnell CF-101 “Voodoo” last took wind under her wings. The “Voodoo” served the RCAF honorably, between 1961 and 1984, as an[Read...

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The glamour and romance of the Big Band-era will return April 22, 2017 when the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Dixie Wing hosts “Keep ‘em Flying”, a hangar dance and dinner fundraiser set in a flying museum surrounded by historic World War II  aircraft and decorated to recreate the iconic mood of the 1940s.  The festivities will take place from 6pm-...

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B-29 “Doc” Makes Oshkosh!

B-29 Doc will make four national tour stops through the first half of the 2017 summer tour season. Doc’s Friends, Inc., the group operating the fully restored B-29 Boeing Superfortress, announced the first half of its tour plan, which includes stops in Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. B-29 Doc will make the following tour stops: B-29 Doc...

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