DC3smallSince 2010, Avialogs is building the largest online aviation library freely available on the Internet.
Today, more than 7000 documents are available online covering more than 100 years of aviation. At least 20 documents are added each month.

A new site version will be online within a few weeks, a new book reader for documents has been deployed. Behind the curtain, preservation of hundreds of books, documents, photos and manuals is done each year.
But Avialogs can not continue without your help.

The choice has been made to keep it as a not for profit structure, with low subscriptions fees allowing the largest number of people interested by Aviation to access the library.
You can contribute by susbcribing to Avialogs, renewing your subscription in advance (time will be added to the end of your current subscription) or by making a donation using the form below.

Money will be used to support library operations (scanners / server hosting / software licenses) and to acquire new materials (photos, books, manuals, etc..)


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