Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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During the last 10 months, I was mainly busy with the restoration of the DC-3 C-FDTD . A consequence has been to neglect the site and all new developments. The DC-3 is now flying and my focus is back to the library.
The new version is postponed to the first week of October 2019. This delay will allow our small team (we are two working on the site) to develop all new functionalities.
In the meantime, the current version Avialogs will be updated on a regular basis, starting today June 18th.

As no update was published for a long time, all members who subscribed or renewed from January 1st, 2019 will have their subscription extended by one year.
The one-year subscription becomes a two years subscription until the new site is online. The lifetime membership is also back during this timeframe in order to finance the acquisition of software licenses and new scanners (for slides and for microfilms).

Benoit de Mulder - June 2019



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