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New version of Avialogs - July 18th 2018

The long awaited new version of Avialogs will be online on July 18th 2018.  UPDATE: 850 pages (10%)  remaining to update before new version launch

- New design, totally compatible with phones and tablets

- Navigation totally reviewed
- Blueprint section
- Organization subscription allowing a museum or any organization to buy at a discount rate several access to Avialogs for their members.

Other changes are under the hood , mainly the global documents and manuals organized, allowing to find them more easely and to support a very large quantity of them without impact on the website performance . The new version will allow more content to be added .


Movie background for the front page:


A more clean design:


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Wings for Val fundation

This week, Avialogs is supporting the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. More particularly the Wings for Val Fundation. All subscription registered, new or renewed between March 4th and March 11th, minus transaction fees will be given to the Wings for Val Fundation

I will be present too at the WOAW 2017 at Lachute – Girls Discover Aviation on March 11th. 

You can register on Avialogs or do a donation directly if you are already a member and do not wish to renew

Navy Lieutenant Valerie Cappelaere Delaney


About the Wings for Val fundation: 

The Wings for Val Foundation was founded in 2015 in memory of LT Valerie Cappelaere Delaney.

Mission: To promote and support women in all fields, especially aviation, and to inspire future generations of female leaders.

Vision: Women will become empowered leaders who reach forward for mentorship, who reach back to support and inspire those behind them, and who approach any obstacle with the mindset to “ADAPT AND OVERCOME.”

Core Values: Courage, Integrity, Mentorship, Service, Leadership

About Lieutenant Valerie Cappelaere Delaney:

Navy Lieutenant Valerie Cappelaere Delaney, 26, of Anacortes, WA, and Ellicott City, MD, perished on March 11, 2013, when the Navy jet she was piloting crashed in Eastern Washington State during a training mission.  She served as an EA-6B Prowler pilot in Electronic Attack Squadron 129 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.  Her military achievements include the National Defense and Global War on Terrorism Service Medals, and she was posthumously promoted to Lieutenant.

History of our DC-3




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