Answers to some recurring questions:

- Why PDF's are so large?
They are not compressed and with a 300dpi resolution. The goal is to allow subscribers to print them.

- Why some manuals have a watermark and some not?  

When I started Avialogs, I found quickly some of my scans on eBay and other sites. I started to add a watermark to stop this issue 3 years ago. Some users are contributing manuals to the site and wish to have no watermark, this is why some new documents do not display it.


New documents this week:


Harrier T4



 Potez 63 11 287


First, a series of brochures from the '20s and '30s published by Avions Potez:

Two manuals for the Potez 63, used by the French Air Force during the Second Wolrd War:

 Breda Ba.65


 1939 manual for the Breda Ba.65:


 Caproni ca.113

1935 manual for the Caproni Ca.113:


Vliegwereld Jrg 03 1937 Nr 01


Another year of Vliegwereld added (52 issues):