OCR (character recognition) is now applied to new documents uploaded. 

It means the search function is now available from the subscriber reader as shown below:

OCR avialogs 

 New documents added this week: Buccaneer (new aircraft added), DC-4, C-118 (Navy DC-8), C-39, F2H Banshee, Albatross and Airspeed Ambassador (new aircraft added)

6Buccaneer4 documents for the Buccaneer, more coming soon:

HU 16C Albatross


Flight manual for the Hu-16 Albatross


c 118 liftmaster

 Flight manual for the C-118 Liftmaster

TransAir Ltd DC 4 AI 1


Transair Operation manual for the Douglas DC-4


 Lecture for the Airspeed Ambassador:

F2H Banshee Illustrated Parts Catalog for the F2H Banshee

c 39

New version of the C-39 Manual (more readable and with all pages this time):