bobcatT.O. 01-125-2 Erection and Maintenance Instructions for AT-17 Series and UC-78 Series - British Models Crane I and IA

The Cessna AT-17 Bobcat (Crane with the RAF and RCAF) was a twin-engined trainer aircraft. Nicknamed the "Bamboo Bomber", more than 5400 of them were produced between 1939 and 1944. This manual was printed in 1943 and has 196 pages.



Stinson AT 19 4649802553


AN 01-50KA-4 Airplanes parts catalog for AT-19 - Reliant I

The AT-19 was the military version of the Stinson Reliant, a popular light aircraft design from the '30. I have a particular interest in illustrated parts catalogs as they allow us to explore visually the aircraft construction. This particular manual was printed in 1944 and has 228 pages



Stearman pt13dAN 01-70AC-2 Erection and Maintenance Instructions for PT-13D, N2S-5 Airplanes

There is no need to introduce the PT-13 Stearman Kaydet. These popular trainer aircraft are still flying today in large numbers. This manual replaces the previous version of the AN 01-70-AC-2 which was incomplete. 148 pages, printed in 1944. 


at 17 parts cover at19 parts cover pt13 maintenance cover


s205The S205 was designed in Italy by SIAI Marchetti in the mid sixties. It was a light all-metal aircraft and around 620 were built. 65 fuselages were transported to the USA to be assembled by the Waco Aircraft Company.  The two manuals added to the library are the parts catalog and the service manual. They were produced by SIAI for Waco.


s205parts cover s205service cover



 One interesting read is this the handbook for aircraft accident investigators. It is extremely instructive and can, to my opinion, prevent accidents by casting a light on the different potential problems. 


Aircraft Accident Investigations


For amateur historians, two years of Shell Aviation News(1937 and 1938)  have been added:

Shell 1937 shell 1938



 Other manuals added: