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I hope this message finds you with good health and no major worries. No airshow this year and museums closed until further notice, I hope Avialogs will help you with your daily aviation's intake
Under the hood, a lot of work is done, and you should see significant changes on the site during the next three months. Free access has been a success with many new members who have joined the site.
I have a request for you: please send me (reply to this email) your suggestions about what you want to see on Avialogs. It could be new functionalities or improving what is already there. All ideas are welcome. This week, thanks to user contributions, twenty new manuals, and pilot's notes are added to the library, all for British aircraft. 

Stay safe!
Benoit de Mulder 
This week update:



Pilot's Notes Shackleton Pilot's Notes Mosquito BIV RR Merlin II Pilot's notes Albermarle
A.P. 4267B Pilot's Notes for Shackleton M.R. Mk. 2 A.P. 2019D Pilot's notes for Mosquito BIV - Merlin 21 or 23 Engines A.P. 1590B - 2nd Edition - Merlin II, III & V Aero-Engines A.P. 1688A,B,F & G - Pilot's Notes Albermarle I,II, V & VI Aircraft
DefiantI Pilot's Notes Sea Vampire F.20 Pilot's Notes Sea Hawk F1 Pilot's Notes Seafire47
A.P. 1592A The Defiant I Aeroplane - Merlin III Engine A.P. 4268A Pilot's Notes for Sea Vampire F.20 A.P. 4328A Pilot's Notes Sea Hawk F.1 A.P. 2280H Pilot's Notes for Seafire 47 - Griffon 87 or 88 engine
Short Solent 4 Maintenance manual Pilot's Notes Swift F1 & F2 Pilot's Notes Tomahawk I Swordfish
Short Solent 4 - Flying boat Maintenance manual - Tasman Empire Airways A.P. 4348A & B Pilot's Notes Swift F.1 & F.2 A.P. 2013A Pilot's Notes Tomahawk I Allison V-1710-C15 Engine A.P. 1517 - 2nd Edition - The Swordfish Aeroplane - Pegasus III Engine
Hampden I Pilot's Notes Blenheim I Pilot's Notes Spitfire VI Pilot's Notes Swift FR5
A.P. 1579A - The Hampden I Aeroplane - Two Pegasus XVIII Engines A.P. 1530A Pilot's Notes Blenheim I Aeroplane - Two Mercury VIII Engines A.P. 1565F Pilot's Notes Spitfire vI Aeroplane - Merlin 47 Engine A.P. 4348E Pilot's Notes Swift F.R.5
Pilot's Notes Hereford Pilot's Notes S.45 Solent Pilot's Notes Swift F7 Pilot's Notes Vampire I
A.P. 1623A Pilot's Notes The Hereford I Aeroplane - Two Dagger VIII Engines Pilot's Notes Short S.45 Solent Aircraft A.P. 4348G Pilot's Notes Swift F.7 A.P. 4099A Pilot's notes for Vampire F1 - Goblin I or II Engine



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