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This week's addition to the site counts 16 new documents. Several related to the F-4 Phantom, Fury, Sabre, CF-104, Basler, RR Spey and two Spitfire manuals scans provided by the Mike Potter's Collection. The Mike Potter Collection flies several warbirds from Gatineau, QC, Canada. You can check the website from their sister company, Vintage Wings of Canada.


You probably remarked that some manuals display a watermark, some not. If Avialogs scans the manual, it will display a watermark. Why? Because some people put them on sale on eBay, and while Avialogs distribute them under a creative common license, it includes a non-commercial clause. Manuals without watermark were received from contributors already scanned. This is also why the quality of documents can significantly vary. 


With the new version coming up in August, it will be possible to upload manuals directly to the site. 


A question often comes in my email, why we do not publish the last revision for one given manual. Avialogs is not intended to support aviation operations. Documents published by Avialogs are intended for reference and education only. Enthusiasts can use them for flight simulation, scale models, and static aircraft restoration but not for flying ops. And you? What for are you using the library? Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about this topic or if you have any suggestions.

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This week update:



RCAF CF-104 General Basler BT-67 brochure Navaer 01-245FCB-504 Illustrated Parts Breakdown F3H-2, -2M, -2N airplanes Plane Captain's handbook F-4B, F-4J, RF-4B
F4B Ordonanceman's handbook F-4C - F-4D - F-4E Armament Systems SEDR 148 - F4H-1 Structure NAVAER -1-60JKD-504 Illustrated Parts Breakdown - FJ-4 - FJ-4B aircraft
H.S. 1-L Flying Boats - Detail of Construction and Assembly Methods T.O. 1F-86K-4 Illustrated Parts Breakdown F-86K Aircraft EO 05-5E-1A Pilots Operating Instructions Sabre 6 A.P. 102C-1101-3A Spey Mk 20100, 20200, 20300 Engine change units - IPC
RR Spey Course Notes A.P. 1565H Spitfire MK. VIII A.P. 1565J and L User Unit repairs for Spitfire Mk, IX and XVI aircraft Report 7064 Unloaded Rotor compound helicopter study