The following changes were done on Avialogs this week:

- Subscription process modified: Only the Country/State/Province is requested, less information is collected.
- Phone version updated 
- The last 50 publications are available within the explore page, this is a temporary fix before a better system is implemented allowing to follow more easily updates.

New documents added:

 - The complete year 1935 for the magazine Vliegwereld (from the Netherlands)  has been added (53 magazines). The following years will be published bi-monthly. 

Vliegwereld 1935

- The complete aircraft manual for the Messerschmitt 262 is now online with additional documents. This version has been scanned from Microfilms - More than 20 manuals added

 Me 262

Several RCAF Harvard manuals: 

North American harvard mk IV Serial No 20414 in flight

EO-05-55A-3 Harvard 2, 2A, 4 Maintenance manual RCAF - Revision 20 Nov 59 :

RCAF special inspections:

EO 05-55A-7 RCAF Maintenance Schedule Primary Inspection Harvard 2, 2A and 4 - 25 Feb 63:

EO 05-55A-7A RCAF Maintenance Schedule Periodic Inspection Harvard 2, 2A and 4 - 19 May 61 - Revised 29 May 64:

EO 05-55A-8 RCAF Weight and Balance Data Harvard 2, 2A and 4 - 15Apr53 - Revised 20 mar 57:


Benoit de Mulder -