27-1-44 makers fly trials 1-4-44 A Henshaw G61 install returned S Marston by Henshaw for install of second G61 Initially fitt Vc wing. Test flights by Quill Furlong Shea-Simmonds and Banner 7-44 until 1-45 Taxi trials 13-7-44 det of CG 22-7-44 large chord metal rud install 12-8-44 cockpit hood and port door blew away during TV dive 16-8-44 spin trials 9-10-44 Boscombe Down 7-1-45 weights and CG loads returned VA after complaints of directional stab. Discovered that flaps were extending at high speed. returned AAEE 3-3-45 positional error climb and level speed and cool trials. CB 17-12-45 ASTH for mods 2FPP Atcham for transfer to 9MU 18-12-46 pilot lost force-landed crash disused airfield overshot struck 6-pdr guns 18-12-46 SOC 9-1-47 (Colour scheme PR blue upper deep sky under)

Additional Info

  • Serial: LA187
  • Mark: F21
  • Factory: High Post
  • Engine: Griffon 65
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