test flown Flt/Lt Johnson VASM 25mins 15-12-44 del CRD VA EA by Capt Stedall ATA 6-1-45 mod tail unit (Spiteful) install and also mod metal elev from LA211 AAEE 21-3-45 trials with new mods. Also fitt interim stage navigational equip. G68 Rotol contra/prop install (Type 373 XIV) CFE Tangmere 19-3-45 91S 'DL-T' CRD VA 30-8-45 CFE FLS 25-4-46 615S 'RAV-A' 9-1-47 CB 3-6-48 6MU rts 14-7-48 sold scrap Intl.Alloys 2-11-49

Additional Info

  • Serial: LA215
  • Mark: F21
  • c/n: SMAF4360
  • Factory: Phillips & Powis South Marston
  • Engine: Griffon 61
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