Parts and armament


Parts, armament, and support:

 In this section, you will find all manuals and documents related to aircraft offensive and defensive equipment (turrets, guns..), landing gear, wheels, tires, electricity, ejection seatssupport, and tests.



engine related


Engine related, hydraulic equipment and propellers:

 The name of this section is self-descriptive. You will find here all the equipment used in conjunction with the engine: carburetor, magnetos, etc.., hydraulic related equipment (pumps..) and propellers manuals.



Instruments and radios


Accessories, instruments, and radios:

Documents and manuals on Radios, Receivers, transmitters, amplifiers, Instruments, and all pilot and crew accessories (oxygen, helmet, etc).


Construction, finish and maintenance


Construction, finish, and maintenance: 

 Books and manuals about aircraft construction techniques (wood, metal, general techniques...) and exterior and paint. 

Other manuals added:

 - de Havilland Venom FB Mk.1 Schedule of Spare parts
Complete illustrated parts catalog for the Venom FB Mk.1, 844 pages.

- de Havilland Canada DHC-5D Buffalo Aircraft operating data
De Havilland Canada operating manual for the Buffalo, 397 pages

DHC-5D Buffalo airplane operating data RCAFOtter


And also the complete year 1940 for the magazine Vliegwereld