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Meteor T.7

meteor T.7

 8 new manuals added for the Meteor T.7: The main Servicing and descriptive handbook, the complete servicing procedures and schedule and the schedule of spare parts (more than 1000 pages).



Blackburn Cirrus We stay in the U.K. with  6 manuals for the Cirrus Minor and the Cirrus Major:



Other manuals added:


- Bristol Pegasus Aircooled Radial Engines Types IIM & IIL
Operation manual for this popular radial engine from the 30'

1934 - Shell Aviation News

1935 - Shell Aviation News

1936 - Shell Aviation News

Aviation news from the 30' 


 - A.P. 119A-0200-1 Corrosion manual - General and technical information
How to handle corrosion on aircraft


A.P. 119A-0301-1 Metals and Alloys - General and technical information



Bristol Pegasus Shell Aviation News 1934 corrosion
shell 1935 shell 1936 metals alloys


And also several manuals for electrical and mechanical components: