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This week's addition to the site counts 12 new documents. A Convair 880 brochure and operation manual, three engines manuals, two for the Ranger 440, one for the Avia M136A, two Blackburn Buccaneer manuals, two A-37 Dragonfly flight manuals and one huge Illustrated Parts Breakdown for the North American AJ-2 Savage, more than 2000 pages divided in nine parts for easier access. 
The work continues on the new version and I hope to share with you within days some exciting news and previews.

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This week update:



aj2 ipb thumb a37apoh thumb a37b thumb brochure cpnvaor thumb
AN 01-60AAB-4 Illustrated Parts Breakdown AJ-2 Aircraft - Part 1/9 T.O.1A37A-1 Preliminary Flight Manual T.O.1A-37B-1 A-37B aircraft flight manual Convair 880 Operation Manual
buccaneer b1 thumb buccaneer b2 thumb convair880om thumb m137 thumb
AP101B-1202-1A Buccaneer S Mk.2 Aircraft Servicing Manual AP101B-1202-1B Buccaneer S Mk.2 Aircraft Servicing Manual - Book 2  Convair 880 Operation Manual M137A Aircraft Engine - Technical Description, Service and Maintenance
phantom paint thumb ranger overhaul thumb rangers part440 thumb xv5a flight test thumb
Navair 01-245FDB-2-1.2 Phantom US Navy markings Ranger Overhaul Manual 6-440C Aircraft Engine Ranger Aircraft Engine 6-440C-2-3-4-5 Parts Catalog S.E.R. XV-5A Flight Test Summary



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