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 This week's addition to the site counts 12 new documents: Several Sea Fury Manuals, including a Schedule of Spare parts with beautiful plates describing all Sea Fury components, a North Star Pilot Operating Instructions, a Vickers Viscount manual, several British navigation instruments manuals (Compasses, Drift and astronomical). I will add more instruments and support equipment manuals within the following weeks.

The next version of Avialogs is coming soon, and here is some news about the new design. Avialogs will support IIIF standard (3.0) and manifest. This standard is used by many libraries and universities worldwide and will allow easier sharing of all resources. It requires processing all documents and pages already online (more than 1.5 million), and a server is dedicated to this task, but it will take a few weeks to achieve. The new viewer used by Avialogs will be Mirador. You can already see a demo here: https://www.avialogs.com/demo/viewer/index.html  (Image rotation and text search will be available in the final version.)

Your feedback about the usability/performance is more than welcome (reply to this email to send me your comments). 

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This week update:



seafuryschedule thumb NorthStarpim thumb viscount instruction thumb seahawk thumb
A.P. 4018B & C Volume 3 - Sea Fury FB. Mk. II & T. Mk.20 - Schedule of Spare Parts EO 05-5A-1 Pilots Operating Instructions North Star 1 & 1M Vickers Viscount type 745D - Instruction manual A.P. 4328B,C,D,E and F - Sea Hawk F, Mk. 2, FB Mk. 3 , FGA Mk.4, FB Mk. 5 and FGA Mk 6 Aircraft
seafurymaintenance thumb labradortraining thumb seafurygeneral thumb compass general thumb
MICN 3-30-03 RCN Hourly Basis Inspection Schedule and Maintenance record - Sea Fury Aircraft CH-113 Labrador Helicopter - Airframe - Training Manual A.P. 4018B Sea Fury FB. MK. II - General and Technical Information A.P. 1275B Section 9 - Navigation Instruments - Compasses - General Information
compasses direct thumb compasses remote thumb navigation astronomical thumb navigation drift thumb
A.P. 1275B Section 10 - Navigation Instruments - Compasses - Direct reading A.P. 1275B Section 11 - Navigation Instruments - Compasses - Remote reading A.P. 1275B Section 13 - Navigation Instruments - Astronomical Instruments A.P. 1275B Section 12 - Navigation Instruments - Drift Recording Instruments



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