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 This week's addition to the site counts 12 new documents newly scanned: 1966 Aircraft specifications for the Canadair CL-215 Search and Rescue version, Constellation crew operating instructions, four brochures for Schreck FBA seaplanes dating from the '20s, an armament manual on how to mount rockets on de Havilland Mosquito, one brochure for the Nord 3202 trainer, RAF courses for the Blackburn Beverley, Airco Ercoupe Maintenance manual and one maintenance manual for the Cessna T.50, the Cessna Bobcat's commercial version.


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This week update:



constellation thumb cl215b thumb schreck 17he2 thumb beverley thumb
Report 6027 - Crew Operating Instructions for Lockheed Constellation Airplanes  Canadair CL-215B Search and Rescue - Aircraft Specifications Schreck FBA Model 17 H.E.-2 - Brochure RAF Transport Command - Technical Training Notes Beverley C.MK.1
ercoupe thumb schreck17 1 thumb schreck19 thumb n3202 thumb
Ercoupe Service Manual Schreck FBA Model 17 H.M.T.-2 - Brochure Schreck FBA Model 19 - Brochure N.3202 Avion biplace d'entrainement
cessnat50 thumb sp2e thumb schreck21 thumb rockets thumb
Maintenance Handbook - Cessna T-50 Twin - Serial 1100 and up  Navweps 01-75EDA-1 Natops Flight Manual SP-2E Aircraft Schreck FBA Model 21 - Brochure A.P. 2802A Volume 1 - Aircraft Rocket Installations Sighting & Ammunition (R.A.F.)