Avialogs is now free.

Why? There were no large update on the site for around one year and developping the new site in parallel demonstrated I was hitting a dead end. The first option was to keep the subscription system but It would have required on my side extra hands for the development and more time in the site. Taking this way would have meant more expenses and a pressure to develop the site to make it profitable. 
With a small daughter at home and a full time work, I did not see the possibility to make this happen. I had three other options: the status quo, which was not possible as the site has to be updated soon (required by the end of life of some software components), closing the site, an option I eliminated: Avialogs exists now for 14 years, it is used across the world and I don't want this to happen. The last option was to make Avialogs free. This is what is happening. 

Avialogs is no more an organization or a commercial venture, this is my personal website dedicated to aviation and I intend to share with you photos, books, manuals and other documents I collected over the year and available under public domain or crown copyright. This is also the platform I will use to communicate about my aviation projects and upcoming books. 

I hope you will like these changes, 

Benoit de Mulder