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We are working now on a massive website update that will bring to the site documents and manuals about instruments, parts, and other aircraft components. The site navigation will be updated to become more user-friendly. 

The possibility to request documents will be also added.


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Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 

CT 13314 new manuals for the CT-133:



Two RR Nene manuals. (for the CT-133):



Shell Aviation News:


Published by the Shell Oil Company, the early year of this magazine were describing travels, raid and other adventures and represent a fabulous source of information for the golden age of aviation:



Other manuals added:


Short Technical orders are service bulletins published by the USAAF or the USAF. Usually, 1 or 2 pages, these documents will describe repairs required to ensure flight safety. 

The Argus AS 411 was a german twelve cylinders engine produced during the war and powering among other aircraft the Arado Ar 96 and Focke-Wulf FW-189. After the war, it was produced as Renault 12s and powered the Dassault Flamant. 


The Loire 46 was a French single-seater fighter aircraft of the 1930s, obsolete and almost out of service by the outbreak of WW2. 

The C-46 Commando was one of the largest transport aircraft used by allied forces during WW2. It is still in use by several freight companies across the world (Canada, Columbia). 


T.O. 1C-46A-3 Structural Repair
Instructions C-46, ZC-46A, C-46D, C-46F
Argus Triebwerk As 411 TA
c 46 manual ArgusAs410
N.C.B. 21R Notice d'entretien et de réparation de l'avion Loire 46 C1 A-26 / B-26 Short Technical Orders
loire46 manual b 26 short to



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10 new documents and two new aircraft added.OCR (character recognition) is now applied to new documents uploaded. 

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A lot of work is done and should be published soon, it includes free access to some books and manuals and several bug fixes to the interface. In addition, During the last days, corrections were completed on more than 60 manuals. Our goal is to have the update completed before the end of the year. 

 This week, 18 new documents uploaded with a focus on the Skyraider this week.

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