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We are working now on a massive website update that will bring to the site documents and manuals about instruments, parts, and other aircraft components. The site navigation will be updated to become more user-friendly. 

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Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 

CT 13314 new manuals for the CT-133:



Two RR Nene manuals. (for the CT-133):



Shell Aviation News:


Published by the Shell Oil Company, the early year of this magazine were describing travels, raid and other adventures and represent a fabulous source of information for the golden age of aviation:



Other manuals added:


Short Technical orders are service bulletins published by the USAAF or the USAF. Usually, 1 or 2 pages, these documents will describe repairs required to ensure flight safety. 

The Argus AS 411 was a german twelve cylinders engine produced during the war and powering among other aircraft the Arado Ar 96 and Focke-Wulf FW-189. After the war, it was produced as Renault 12s and powered the Dassault Flamant. 


The Loire 46 was a French single-seater fighter aircraft of the 1930s, obsolete and almost out of service by the outbreak of WW2. 

The C-46 Commando was one of the largest transport aircraft used by allied forces during WW2. It is still in use by several freight companies across the world (Canada, Columbia). 


T.O. 1C-46A-3 Structural Repair
Instructions C-46, ZC-46A, C-46D, C-46F
Argus Triebwerk As 411 TA
c 46 manual ArgusAs410
N.C.B. 21R Notice d'entretien et de réparation de l'avion Loire 46 C1 A-26 / B-26 Short Technical Orders
loire46 manual b 26 short to



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10 new documents and two new aircraft added.OCR (character recognition) is now applied to new documents uploaded. 

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